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Here at Warmer Sussex, we understand that everyone wants a house that is warm, energy efficient and healthy. That’s where we can help – we offer expert and impartial advice to help you through the process of improving your home’s energy efficiency.

We support you from start to finish, by creating a tailored plan, finding trusted contractors, and ensuring all work undertaken meets quality standards.


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What do we mean by retrofit?

Retrofitting your home is all about adding energy-saving measures to make your home more energy efficient. We evaluate your homes energy performance and make recommendations on changes you could make and how they could improve your home. It could involve simple measures like energy efficient lighting and insulation, to larger undertakings such as renewable heating systems and solar panels. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be reducing energy bills and becoming more environmentally friendly… all while enjoying a more comfortable home. 

Improve your home
Making energy efficiency improvements to your home is quick and easy with Warmer Sussex.

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