Case studies | Warmer Sussex

1950s Home in Hove

Ray and Lenka had been living in their 1955 semi-detached home for 10 years when they decided to extend their home.  They had no experience of building work and weren’t sure where to start.   Their 30 year old boiler needed replacing, but they weren't sure how to factor this into their plans, given that the larger footprint of the planned extension could increase the amount of energy needed for heating.

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Period Home in Hove

When Jasmin and Liam bought their home it was in a poor state, so they knew they had a big renovation job on their hands.  They were moving from a basement flat which was constantly cold and had high energy bills, so undertaking a retrofit with the aim of having a warm and energy efficient home was the priority.  They faced some challenges along the way, but their home is now a stylish and cosy space.

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