How it Works - Warmer Sussex

How it works


Whether you are moving to a new house, planning some building work or want to make your home warmer and healthier – now is the time to think about the common sense steps you could take to avoid wasting energy in your home and make it more comfortable in winter.

Step one

Register your interest online

Our Plan Builder is a quick, free and easy way to calculate what improvements could be made to your home. Simply enter your postcode and address and you can start to building your plan. You can use it to explore your options and when you're ready, send us your Plan.

Step two

Discuss your needs

The coordinator will conduct a Home Visit Survey – the cost for this starts from £200. Your coordinator will provide a Whole House Plan containing detailed guidance and the complete package of information you need to get started on your retrofit.

Step three

Your Coordinator gets quotes

Your Coordinator goes out to our trusted network of tradespeople and professionals to quote for the agreed work. Depending on the work required, they may visit your home for further surveys.

Step four

Make your choices

Your Coordinator will discuss the quotes with you and help you decide how to proceed. Then we create a specification for all the works you have chosen. 
This single document is written by your Retrofit Coordinator and used by all the contractors and designers working on your project– all in line with industry best practice. The charge for the Coordinator’s time to produce your specification, gather quotes from our contractor network and help you select contractors is dependent on the size and complexity of your project – typically it is between £250 and £800. 

Step five

Your Coordinator oversees work

Once you have chosen your contractors, your Retrofit Coordinator will manage the delivery of work from start to finish, acting as your single point of contact, providing technical supervision, and checking the quality of the work once completed - giving you peace of mind.  For this project oversight there is a 10% charge, based on the total cost of the works to be carried out.

Step six

Quality standards checked

The Coordinator checks all the work is finished to required standards before approving payment to the contractors.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your enhanced home.

For more detail about what happens after you send us your details, visit our next steps page.