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Is your home draughty and difficult to keep warm and you’re not sure where to start with improvements?  Is your boiler nearing the end of its life and you want to find out if you could swap if for something less impactful on the planet?  Perhaps you are now working from home much more and wondering how you can stop your heating bills getting out of control this winter?  

Imagine a free to use online tool that can suggest a range of energy efficiency improvements, based on your budget and your goals – sound like a good place to begin?

The Warmer Sussex Plan Builder is just that – it can help you navigate the many different options, while giving you an indication of how it would affect both your energy bills and your CO2 emissions.  It also provides you with an estimate of the cost and a description of each option and alternatives, so you have a complete picture of the improvements you could make.


What does the Plan Builder do? 

Simply enter your postcode and select your address and the Warmer Sussex Plan Builder will present your home with details about its current energy efficiency levels.  You can update and refine these details if needed. Now you are ready to start building your plan - choose your main priority and budget, and your recommendations are ready! We will show you all the ways in which you can improve your home, tailored specifically to you. 

You can adjust your plan by removing individual measures or switching off our recommendations filter to see and select from every possible measure.


What information can I get?

Using your basic home details, the Plan Builder can quickly calculate what improvements can be made according to your budget and priorities, and then show you how they influence your estimated fuel bills and the CO2 emissions saved.


Is there anything I will need?

Not at all - you can get started today! The Plan Builder is free to use, and there is no obligation to sign up. It uses basic home energy efficiency information, which is publicly available, and if it is not up to date you have full control in refining it. 


Once I have created my plan, what do I do next?

You now have an idea of the types of improvements you could have that will make your home warmer and cosier while using less energy.  Warmer Sussex is able to help you make this happen – our Retrofit Coordinators will visit your home and ensure that the improvements are suitable, provide technical expertise to ensure they are specified correctly and work with our network of vetted contractors to obtain quotes and oversee the work.


How much does it cost?

Our Plan Builder is free to use, and you can use it as much as you like to explore your options. 

To make sure you receive the best advice, we recommend that you either submit your Plan to us when you are ready, or choose one of our survey options to benefit from the expertise of our Retrofit Coordinators - click here to read more about your options:

Warmer Sussex are a not-for-private-profit cooperative – all our retrofit professionals and contractors are members. 



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